Club Crawl

3 free drinks, free entry to all bars and clubs, drink specials (exclusive to our New to Melbourne group), party people, party hosts, photographer and plenty of people joining our Club Crawl - Talk about value!!

It's on a saturday night plus we have super cheap tickets starting from $10 (we're not kidding). So you can either pay $15 for club entry alone or you can get some friends together and join the New To Melbourne crew for a night of partying, included drinks and making new friends!

What's included

Bars & Nightclubs we visit

The venues often change from week to week, please see the New to Melbourne Facebook Page under the Events tab and click on the Club Crawl date you are interested for the most up to date information - venue details will be there.

The Experience

The bar crawl is obviously great value but it's also a great way to meet new people. Everyone is social and early venues are quiet and easy to talk in. By the end of the night, you'll be partying with a new group of people! If you want a fun night out with some good music and a few drinks with the New To Melbourne crew then this is it!

Everyone receives a wristband so you know who's in our group and who you can talk to. Wristbands also give you access to drink specials.

As the night gets later, we goto louder venues with a bigger focus on music and dancing. Ussually by this time people have had a few drinks and have loosened up a bit and most people are having a great time. So get in early to meet people and stay later to enjoy the music after a few drinks ;-)

The event technically finishes at 1am, but for most of us, we'll keep partying after this time.

And most importantly, bring the good vibes!!! ;-)

Meeting place

The meeting place for the Club Crawl may change week by week, to get the most up to date information, please visit the New to Melbourne events section (and click the Crawl Crawl event you are intersted in) to fet details on the starting location.

Address, dates/times and where to get tickets

For address, dates / times and more information about this event, please goto the:
New To Melbourne Facebook page > Events Section