Wilsons Promontory

The cheapest Wilsons Promontory trip in Melbourne! from only: $53. Yes, it's a full tour (no corners cut)

New To Melbourne invites you to the iconic Wilsons Promontory! We have organised a 5-star, air conditioned luxury coach and an Aussie tour guide and photographer to stop at the best spots on this trip!! We usually take a group of around 50 people from around the world on each trip and there’s plenty of opportunities for you to meet and make friends with the other friendly people on the journey :D

Sound good? Well the best part is, like everything we organise at New To Melbourne, we’re doing it super cheap at $53 ;-) (normally $125 - try googling it)

Many of the people that go on our bus tours also go to our other events like Fluent Fast and Newbies Night, so you’re bound to see them again in the New To Melbourne social group :-)

Wilson’s prom is one of Victoria’s richest ecological / natural attractions and a beautiful place to spend travelling to. So I hope you can join us in seeing some of the beautiful sights. Details below:

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